Thursday, June 16, 2016

Exhibiting in The Contemporary Portrait

Its funny how life is. You go into things knowing you have to do them or maybe you intuit that where you're going is exactly where you're supposed to be.

A little interesting story: Two weeks ago, I tried to sell a drawing. Not just any drawing, but a charcoal portrait I completed after a sketch night with a live model named Julia (see next post to view it).

I was putting several items up for sale and this piece was the fourth, however, the submit button wouldn't work. I must've tried four times and even reloaded the page. At that same moment, a flash of an exhibit with this piece framed flashed into my head, but I disregarded it as wishful thinking.

But as I learn time and time again, those flashes of insight mean pay attention and breathe. With the 'submit' button not working, I was literally being blocked from selling this piece. Something I've come to realize is that sometimes things are harder for us for a reason. And ultimately, a much more amazing reason than we could possibly comprehend at that moment.

This week, I found out she was accepted into The Contemporary Portrait exhibition curated by Deanne Shashoua and Michael Lyons Wier of the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York, NY. You may read more about the month-long exhibit and reception details for 6/17 here.

I will add more to this post once the reception is complete.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why Do You Create?

Everyone has a different reason why they draw, paint, write, create or do anything. Just like anything in life, the reasons you do it have more of an effect on your creations than you may realize.

Some people do it because they're good at it. Some people do it just for the joy of it (RIP Bob Ross).
Some do it because it pays the bills. And others do it because it brings them a feeling of accomplishment.

None of these reasons are wrong or right, but whatever you're doing, it will either move you forward or hold you back.

Many people don't create because they believed lies they were told in the past. They might not have had a steady stream of motivators or people in their lives who inspired them to fulfill their potential. You might have had these people in school...maybe yours were certain teachers. Or maybe you have a relative who put you on a pedestal and made you believe you could be or do anything. And you believed it. But now they're gone and so is that piece that believed it. Get it back.