Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Now Teaching: Grumbacher Fine Art Classes!

Along with this really long winter, I've been hibernating indoors with my art, video and music projects! And it is all paying off.

old man painting nude figure
We see things as we are.
I am officially a Certified Grumbacher Fine Art Instructor teaching classes in Long Island, NY. If any of you are interested, feel free to sign up or send those you know will benefit from them. If you are not familiar with my work, here are some examples.

My first LIVE painting demonstration is this coming Saturday 11-3PM at the Riverhead, NY location! ADDED BONUS: Anyone who signs up on Saturday the 16th for my Beginner Floral Painting class on either April 23rd FROM 1-3PM or my Intermediate Portrait Class April 30th from 1-5PM will receive 50% off the class rate!

About My Drawing and Painting Classes

I have a zero comparison or talking down about your own work policy. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave.

two plastic figurines that look frightened
Fear is an illusion. Transcend it.

Just kidding. Art is not about whose work is better. Creating your best work is completely subjective. But your own success does depend on how much you trust yourself. This class will help you to do that, by providing you with techniques and tools to make the journey a little easier.

Artists don't become advanced artists or professional artists by accident. They practice and keep learning. They gain more and more tools in their mental arsenal to integrate with their passion for creating. The more techniques and tools you learn, the more you grow. In a way, we artists are like scientists...experimenting with joy and determination and often failing, but growing nonetheless. The more you fail in art, the more you are practicing and one day you will see those failures become blessings and 'happy mistakes'.

The point is to have fun. Realistically, you cannot learn much from only one class. But you can learn some things. Each class will have a different subject and application process, so you will learn something different from each one.

In the 2-hour Beginner Floral Class, you will learn techniques that the Masters use to not only see things better, but to also gain a better understanding of shapes, relationships, light and shadow.

In the 4-hour Portrait Class, you will learn my exact process for portraits and the other options available to you and when to use them. You will learn canvas prep, then how to get the proper forms on the canvas. After this we will follow with detail.